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FULL CATEGORY SKIRTING, WOOD MOLDING, WPC, SPC, (multi-layer solid wood skirting) skirting, T-molding, stair-nose, end cap, quarter round, flush stair-nose, reducer, All available.

FULL CATEGORY SKIRTING, WOOD MOLDING, WPC, SPC, (multi-layer solid wood skirting) skirting, T-molding, stair-nose, end cap, quarter round, flush stair-nose, reducer, All available.

The skirting that seems not to be so indispensable is actually very important.  No matter laying the planks or tiles, an expanding slot needs to be left, and skirting is there for it.  It can also make a wonderful transit between the door frame and the wall so let the whole space give better sense of depth.  

SPC Molding

A kind of material environmental highly elastic material as surface layer and water proof and environmental material base material, which has been developed for many years. It uses super-new material SPP stone powder, super wear-resistant sureface layer and blue rebound technology layer composed of soybean fiber and glass fiber as raw materials, used with industry-leading UV epoxy resin process to create wear-resistant surface layer,from raw materials to process 0 formaldehyde.


WPC Skirting Molding

WPC, called wood plastic composite, is a kind of composite material made by adding a small amount of chemmical additives and fillers to plastics and wood fibers and processing by special mixing equipment. WPC had high environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable use. Greatly reduces the use of wood, and the characteristic of waterproof and moisture-proof can make WPC used in environment which traditional wood products can not be used to.

Multi-layer solid wood skirting-molding

Multi-layer solid wood skirting-molding, select precious wood as raw materials,beautiful and dignified, bring comfortable to feet, criss-cross structure is adopted to make full use of the criss-cross swell-shrink characteristic of the wood, effectively release the internal stress of the wood, and ensure that it will not be deformed for a long time. It has the charateristics of stable structure, high wear resistance, strong impact resistance and suitable for underfloor heating.

Laminated Skirting-Molding

Laminated skirting-wooden lines with rich colors and patterns fully meet people's visual impact and design needs. The layer on the surface of the board has good wear resistance, compression resistance,impact resistance, fire proof and chemical pollution resistace. It is strictly selected, with high environmental protection grade and safe to use. Ultra-clear wood texture and distinguished tone make people feel relaxed and comfortable.

SPC Molding

High environmental protection,pollution-free, 0-formaldehyde from raw materials to process

The surface layer is treated by special epoxy resin process and has perfect waterproof performance. The wear resistance level is over 10000 revolutions.

SPC skirting and wooden line can absorb 20 dB noise, suitable for all kinds of places.

Fire-proofing level reaches B1, when leaving the fire will go out,fire-retardant material is safer.


WPC Skirting Molding

Benzene-free products, european environmental standards,recyclable wood;

Super wearing resistance, no moth & mildew;

Waterproofing performance is ggood, not easy to deform and expand after damp;

Fire protection level reaches B1 level, self-extinguishing in case of fire. No toxic gas is produced.


Multi-layer solid wood skirting-molding

Wood grain is natural and clear, feet feel comfortable,paving a comfortable home;

Excellent anti-pollution ability, easy to handle.

Adopt environmental automatic production line and professional equipment to meet to environmantal index.

Uniform structure, seamless splicing, to ensure stability and deformation;


Laminated Skirting-Molding

Strict control of formaldehyde emission

Small swelling rate in case of water, not easy to deform

Super wear resistance, not easy to scratch

Easy and convenient installation, seamless splicing

Wooden line, can be widely used in homes hotels shopping malls, schools, hospitals office and other place

Model:Skirting/End Cap/Quarter Round/Flush-Stairnose/Reducer/T-molding/L-molding
Details:Please contact with us for more information.
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