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The hard tri-layer flooring has multiple sorts of design in different textures that look naturally beautiful. Being warm in winter and cool in summer the flooring feels comfortable to feet. With good stability it very well fits the houses with floor-heating system.

The hard tri-layer flooring has multiple sorts of design in different textures that look naturally beautiful.  Being warm in winter and cool in summer the flooring feels comfortable to feet. With good stability it very well fits the houses with floor-heating system.  

We understand the features, advantages, and benefits that make hardwood a solid flooring choice. We want you to know all about hardwood, and to understand this versatile product, so you can decide if it is the smartest flooring choice for you. The elegant look of hardwood flooring can add warmth and character to any room.

Rich inviting hardwood floors are not only beautiful to live with, but they are also easy to care for and can add value to your home at resale time. Today's hardwood has varieties that are more diverse and delightful than ever and as the consumer demand for hardwood floors has grown, so has the manufacturers' abilities to produce better quality finishes and superior construction techniques.

Each wood has its own unique characteristics. The color of the wood is determined by what part of the tree the wood originally came from. The grain pattern is determined by the species and how the wood is cut. Natural variations in the color and grain are normal and to be expected. All hardwood floors will fade, darken, or change shades over time. Exposure to sunlight will greatly increase this process. Window treatments are recommended as well as rotating rugs and furniture to allow floors to age evenly from sunlight exposure.

Wood floors will expand and contract due to moisture and temperature changes. This can cause hairline cracks and slight height variations. It will not expand and contract equally in all directions. This is not considered a defect, but instead a result of using a natural product.

There isn't a subfloor that will be perfect. You may hear hollow sounds where your subfloor's surface dips and ridges. This does not affect the integrity of the hardwood.

Species Guide

Red Oak: This is the most abundant growing species in the United States. The sapwood of Red Oak is white to light brown, while the heartwood has a pinkish-brown tone. It comes in four different grades.

White Oak: This is similar to Red Oak but is slightly denser and has longer rays. The sapwood is light colored, and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White Oak comes in the same four grades as Red Oak.

Cherry: American Cherry grows primarily in the midwestern and eastern United States and is very hard and dense. The sapwood varies from a rich red to reddish-brown and will darken with age. The heartwood can be a creamy white.

Hickory/Pecan: This is the hardest, heaviest, and strongest American wood. The sapwood of hickory is white, while the heartwood is pale to reddish-brown.

Maple: Growing in the Pacific Northwest, maple tends to be light, but a very dense wood. Generally, there is no marked difference between the sapwood and the heartwood. Because of its density, maple is not intended for areas with high humidity.

Pine: This tends to be a soft wood that absorbs moisture very well and is recommended for areas of high humidity. The sapwood in pine is a light yellowish-white, while the heartwood tends to be yellowish-orange.

Reclaimed Pine: This has the same characteristics as pine, however, it is recycled from old buildings, usually barns.

Walnut: This grows primarily in the eastern United States. The sapwood tends to be white, while the heartwood ranges from a deep chocolate to purplish-black.

Mesquite: This grows primarily in the southern United States and is known to be a very hard and durable wood. The sapwood tends to be pale and the heartwood is a reddish-brown. Mesquite usually contains many knotholes.

Sound insulation

The solid wood floor material is harder, the dense wood fiber structure, the correction factor is low, the effect of blocking sound and heat, the transition of cement, ceramic tiles and steel. Therefore, the wooden floor has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure, increasing the reverberation time, and reducing the effect of noise pollution.

Adjust humidity

The characteristics of the wood of solid wood flooring are that the climate is dry, and the moisture inside the wood is released; the climate is distributed, and the wood will absorb the moisture in the air. Wood floors absorb and release moisture to achieve the effect of regulating indoor temperature and humidity.

Warm in winter and cool in summer

In winter, the surface temperature of solid wood flooring is 8℃~10℃ higher than that of ceramic tiles, and people walk on the wooden floor without feeling cold; in summer, the room temperature of solid wood flooring is 2℃ lower than that of the tile floor. 3°C.

Green harmless

The solid wood floor material is taken from the virgin forest, and it is painted with non-abrupt wear-resistant paint. From the material type to the paint surface, it is green and harmless. Unlike ceramic tiles, it does not have radiation or formaldehyde like laminate flooring. It is a natural green and harmless ground. Building materials.

Good for people

The solid wood floor has natural texture and fragrant smell, making people feel like a Buddha in the forest, fully feeling the breath of nature, and releasing negative ions that are beneficial to the human body.

In addition to absorbing ultraviolet rays, solid wood flooring can make people feel comfortable in the eyes and indirectly prevent the occurrence of myopia.

The wooden floor also has the characteristics of non-condensing and non-mold, which can avoid the multiplication of tuberculosis bacteria, reduce the generation of asthma, nose and skin allergies, and the wooden floor does not contain insects and other microorganisms (the wood has been killed by high temperature and high pressure Worms and pupae) to avoid microbial harm.

The wooden floor is moderately hard, rough and slippery, and can perform a buffering function to avoid the danger of falling apart from the elderly and children.

The wooden floor has moderate elasticity, which can relieve the weight load of footsteps, and has the effect of eliminating fatigue; especially the antique floor, but the effect of penetrating the soles of the feet, dredging the meridians, and prolonging life.

Gorgeous and noble

The solid wood floor is taken from high-grade hardwood materials, the board surface is beautiful, the decoration is elegant and noble, the texture is thick and moist, the color is gorgeous and rich, the very noble and elegant fashion taste, the visual effect is very good, the sensory sense is strong, the wood floor does not look monotonous, The color presents a warm tone, especially when the body is weak, which can be pleasant to the body, and it is the first choice for high-end income families.


Varieties of solid wood flooring, hard and dense materials, strong corrosion resistance, normal use, life span can be as long as decades or even hundreds of years

Generally used in the living room, bedroom, study and other places. In addition, it can also be used for the decoration of office floors, bars and other entertainment venues.Especially suitable for rooms with floor heating.

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