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Vinyl Flooring

Invented in 1930, vinyl flooring is durable and beautiful. Vinyl is a combination of synthetic materials such as fiberglass, polyvinyl chloride and plasticizers. Vinyl flooring is a more durable type of flooring because its main material is pvc, which reduces wear and tear to a great extent. We are a manufacturer of flooring, specializing in the wholesale sale of various vinyl flooring, etc. Choose our brand and create a perfect environment in any room of your home.

Advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring


1. High comfort, as a "resilient" floor, which means that its texture is soft and suitable for long periods of standing.

2. Easy to clean, dirt only stays on the surface, easy to clean.

3. Waterproof, vinyl flooring is completely waterproof, can decorate the kitchen and bathroom.

4. Quick and easy to install.

5. Sound absorption and noise prevention, its sound-absorbing decibels are much higher than ordinary materials, suitable for hospitals, schools and other environments that need quiet.

6. Beautiful and good-looking, vinyl flooring offers a wide range of colors and realistic wood grain stone design, catering to a variety of interior design needs.


It is not very resistant to high temperatures, and may even fade and discolor under excessive UV exposure. For these reasons, vinyl is not recommended for use in rooms with too much light, such as balconies.

We offer a wide variety of vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring to provide our customers with the best flooring solutions, and we can give you the best vinyl flooring wholesale prices.

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