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How Do I Install Vinyl Flooring?

Jun. 10, 2021

Vinyl Flooring is very simple to install and you can easily do it at home. However, it does require some patience and meticulous work as you have to figure out the pattern and cut the sheets according to the dimensions of the room. If not installed properly, vinyl flooring can be damaged beyond repair. Therefore, it is best to hire a professional to install vinyl flooring for you.

The floor must be completely smooth, otherwise, bumps and indentations on the floor will also show up on the vinyl flooring. This is especially common with thinner varieties such as vinyl plank, as uneven areas may show up more clearly. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to these factors when installing vinyl flooring to prevent improper installation.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Depending on the type of vinyl flooring used, the installation process may be slightly different. The following Vinyl Flooring Suppliers will describe these different types of vinyl installations.

Vinyl flooring with a felt backing can be installed on the floor with an adhesive or glue. You can glue it in place by using a high tack adhesive so that it will be permanently installed. If you want to remove the vinyl sheet and perhaps reuse it in a new house, it is best to use a regular glue that can be easily peeled off when you want to remove the vinyl sheet.

The peel and stick type of vinyl flooring is easy to install. The sheets or planks in this type of vinyl flooring have an adhesive backing that can be easily adhered to the floor.

Loose vinyl sheets that have a fiberglass backing do not require any adhesive during installation.

After installation, a topcoat is applied to the vinyl flooring to give it the final look and prevent stains, scratches and dents during use. This wear layer can come in different thicknesses, depending on how much protection you want to give your vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can come in three different wear layers.

A non-waxed vinyl coating is quite economical and helps give vinyl flooring a shine without the need for polishing or sanding. It is stain resistant and helps keep vinyl flooring looking new for a long time.

A polyurethane coating is a relatively expensive form of coating compared to unwaxed vinyl flooring. It is stain resistant, durable and easy to clean because it is more resistant to scuffing and will keep vinyl flooring shiny for a longer period of time without the need for polishing or buffing.

The enhanced polyurethane coating may be the most expensive of all the different types of vinyl coatings, but it also provides the greatest durability and scratch resistance for the floor. It is stain resistant and can effectively resist stubborn scuffs and scratches, which allows vinyl flooring to retain its shine for the longest period of time.

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